the future: web vs mobile and human social activities

Nice post by Randy Bowden (Twitter @bowden2bowden) about the evolution of social networking, smartphones and apps. Who knows what the future will bring? It’s fun to speculate.

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A decade ago, with the launch of Friendster, Myspace and social networking in its earliest forms, few Americans could predict the trends soon to follow. New opportunities have overtaken the old and each day new technological advancements are introduced and new hot websites make their ways to the top of the Google rankings. The overall pattern has perpetuated since the mainstream breakthrough of the internet: sites experience brief periods of popularity that soon fade away as the next big thing breaks into the spotlight. Through these Internet cycles, however, social networking has maintained a top spot in web traffic. Now, as mobile computing grows rapidly in use and smartphone sales are predicted to reach one billion units in 2013, the future of social networking as we know it looks very different from it did in 2003.

The modern smartphone made its debut in the early 2000s with the Nokia N8

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