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The One Thing Successful People Never Do | LinkedIn

The One Thing Successful People Never Do | LinkedIn. Do you agree with Bernard Marr? What other things would you suggest that successful people never do? Whether you agree or disagree, I think you’ll enjoy this blog.

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What is social media optimization? 15 tips to make it happen

See on – Hot Trends in Social Media Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the method of social activity that attract visitors to a website and elevates rank. See on

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Phil Simon: Best Thing/Worst Thing: Writing a Book

See on – Enterprise Software Phil Simon: Review: Sounds That Can’t Be Made by Marillion on What Should I Ask Steve Hogarth? He Wrote the Book on Big Data – Treato Blog » Treato Blog on Visualizing Health Care

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ERP Project Recovery Tips | 360° ERP Blog

See on – Enterprise Software It’s easy to give up hope when an ERP implementation goes over budget, exceeds its timeline, or suffers from low user adoption, but remember that it’s never too late (or too soon) to start

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