Ming.le Navigation and Personalization | ERP Ming.le Navigation and Personalization | ERPThis is an LN 10.4 Navigation training using Ming.le. This presentation shows how to choose sessions from the list of “Recently Closed”, open and close sessions. It shows you the features of single occurence (list) sessions like Items, multiple occurance sessions that have header and lines like Engineering BOMs, multi-main sessions like Sales Orders and 360 (dashboard) sessons like Inventory 360. Within sessions it shows features like conditional formatting, filtering, searching and printing. Although this training is part of a series on Mingle navigation for LN, the Ming.le interface looks similar across any Infor applications.

For more information on LN or Ming.le consulting, contact Performa Apps at +1.703.251.4504 or Dan Aldridge at We are on the Web at or

I'm an Enterprise Software blogger, ERP enthusiast, CEO of Performa Apps and Founder of Love the NFL, basketball, manufacturing, ERP software and charities. Movie fanatic. Total nerd and computer geek. Love gadgets, but like some old school things like a good book. Fan of small business. Believer in the power of social media. Washington, DC native that can't stand politics.

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