The “Transformational Guide to Advanced Shop Floor Management” book will supercharge your SAP ERP system!

A Transformational Guide to Shop Floor Management bookA Transformational Guide to Advanced Shop Floor Management by Dr. Jill O’Sullivan, Dr. Theresa Nick and Dan Aldridge.

Advanced Shop Floor Management systems and MES software are the quickest ways to get ROI out of your manufacturing ERP system. This informative guide to developing a Smart Factory by Dr. Jill O’Sullivan and Dr. Theresa Nick is an excellent introduction on how to implement MES systems and ERP software.

SAP customers like Mercedes Benz and Audi have achieved dramatic increases in shop floor productivity and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) as a result of putting the book’s concepts into practice.

There are also several ERP and MES “customer success stories” in the guide that were written by manufacturing ERP software expert Dan Aldridge. Here’s the link:

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One comment on “The “Transformational Guide to Advanced Shop Floor Management” book will supercharge your SAP ERP system!
  1. ndage says:

    I have somewhat different and strange question… Was wondering what do You think about microsoft alternative to SAP. I know that exist company’s that are offering other than SAP erp systems ( like an anegis ). Does they really make any difference? In my previous company we were using SAP and I was satisfied with the results… Just asking.


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