Baan to Infor LN Upgrade Boot Camp | Presented by Infor Partners Performa Apps and OST

 Baan to LN upgrade

infor logoDon’t miss the Baan to Infor LN Upgrade Boot Camp in Minneapolis Sept. 22nd-24th! 

 Register at: 

 Have you considered upgrading to the Infor Cloudsuites or Infor LN from Baan or other older ERP systems? 

Infor Services Partners are presenting a 3 day Baan to LN Upgrade Seminar on September 22nd-24th in Minneapolis. You will learn how you can migrate to Infor LN 10.4, Infor Ming.le and ION without a re-implementation and get positive ROI almost immediately!

  •       Get hands on training from “order to cash” in your own LN 10.4 company.
  •       Learn detailed Baan to LN differences in the areas of Tools, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Finance.
  •       Learn how to upgrade from Baan or earlier versions of LN to the latest LN 10.4 from some of the top LN consultants in the business! 

This is a serious ERP “Boot Camp” approach with a variety of materials to take away and implementation “tips & tricks” from certified Infor LN consultants with 20+ years’ experience.

If you have older ERP systems like Baan or SAP R/3, you’ve never seen anything like this before!

For more information and to get sample material, visit or contact Infor LN Finance consultant Dan Aldridge on LinkedIn or by e-mail.

I'm an Enterprise Software blogger, ERP enthusiast, CEO of Performa Apps and Founder of Love the NFL, basketball, manufacturing, ERP software and charities. Movie fanatic. Total nerd and computer geek. Love gadgets, but like some old school things like a good book. Fan of small business. Believer in the power of social media. Washington, DC native that can't stand politics.

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